Gas snow blowers, also known as gas-powered snow throwers, are machines designed to clear snow from driveways, sidewalks, and other outdoor surfaces. They are powered by a gasoline engine and use an auger or impeller mechanism to lift and throw the snow off the ground.

Gas snow blowers come in a variety of sizes and designs, ranging from single-stage models for light-duty use to large two-stage models for heavy-duty work. Gas snow blowers operate using a gasoline engine that powers the auger or impeller mechanism. The auger is a corkscrew-shaped metal blade that rotates quickly, scooping up snow and throwing it out through a chute.

The impeller is a fan-like blade that helps to propel the snow out of the machine and into a designated area. As the auger and impeller work together, they create a continuous stream of thrown snow, making it easier to clear large amounts of snow in a shorter amount of time.

Gas Snow Blower

How FactsFanatics Chooses the Gas Snow Blower

When it comes to choosing the right snowblower, there are many factors to consider. From power and performance to price and durability, finding the perfect option can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, at FactsFanatics, we understand the importance of making an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a gas snow blower. That's why our team of expert reviewers has dedicated their time and expertise to thoroughly evaluate and review the top products on the market.

With our unbiased and comprehensive analysis, you can trust that we have chosen only the best gas snow blowers for your specific needs. So whether you're looking for superior power and performance or a budget-friendly option, let FactsFanatics be your go-to source for reliable information when selecting a gas-powered snow blower.

CRAFTSMAN Select 24" Two-Stage Snow Blower

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Why We Like It

Experience the ultimate snow-clearing efficiency with the CRAFTSMAN Select 24" Two-Stage Snow Blower. Designed for heavy-duty use, this gas-powered snow blower boasts a powerful 208cc engine that can tackle even the toughest winter conditions. With its 4-cycle engine and 208 cubic centimeters of displacement, this snow blower delivers reliable performance every time.

Measuring at 44.75 inches in depth, 26.75 inches in width, and 32.8 inches in height, this snow blower is compact enough to store in your garage or shed when not in use. However, don't let its size fool you - with a maximum throw distance of 40 feet, it can easily clear large areas of deep snow in no time.

Its bright red color not only adds a pop of style but also ensures visibility during snowy conditions for added safety. Equipped with a two-stage mechanism, this snow blower can handle wet and heavy snow without clogging or stalling.

Upgrade your winter equipment with the CRAFTSMAN Select 24" Two-Stage Snow Blower and experience the power and reliability of a trusted brand. Don't let winter weather slow you down - clear your driveway, sidewalks, and pathways with ease using this top-of-the-line snow blower.

What You Should Know

The CRAFTSMAN Select 24" Two-Stage Snow Blower offers superior performance and control in the toughest winter conditions. With a self-propelled drive featuring 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, this snow blower allows for easy maneuvering and versatility. Its powerful augers and impeller, measuring at 12" Sawtooth, can effortlessly clear heavy snow and ice, making it the ideal choice for the large two-car driveway as well as sidewalks.

The convenience of a push-button electric start means you can say goodbye to struggling with pull-starting a cold engine. Moreover, the ergonomic controls and hand grip are designed for optimal operator comfort, reducing the force needed to shift speed levels. With the CRAFTSMAN Select 24" Two-Stage Snow Blower, you can confidently tackle any winter storm with ease and comfort.

Overall, this snow blower offers a combination of power, performance, and convenience that is unmatched in the market. Whether you need to clear your driveway or walkway, this machine has got you covered. Don't let winter weather be a hindrance anymore. Invest in the CRAFTSMAN Select 24" Two-Stage model Snow Blower and make snow removal a breeze.

About This Snowblower:

  • Self-Propelled Drive: Provides control and versatility with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.
  • Powerful Augers and Impeller: Clear heavy snow and ice thanks to the 12" Sawtooth design.
  • Push-Button Electric Start: Simplifies the start-up process by eliminating the need for pull-starting a cold engine.
  • Comfortable Design: Ergonomic controls and hand grip ensure optimal operator comfort and reduce the force needed to shift speed.

Ariens Platinum RapidTrak 28 SHO (28") 369cc 2-Stage Snow Blower

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Why We Like It

The Ariens Platinum RapidTrak 369cc 2-Stage Snow Blower is a powerful and reliable machine designed to tackle even the harshest of winter conditions. The Ariens AX369 engine is specifically crafted to thrive in sub-zero temperatures, making it the perfect choice for those living in areas with heavy snowfall.

Equipped with a convenient 120-volt electric start, this snow blower can be easily turned on with the push of a button. For added versatility, it also has a recoil option (cord not included).

What sets the Ariens Platinum RapidTrak apart from other snow blowers is its unique combination of both track and wheel functionality. With 3 adjustable track positions, you can customize the machine to your preferred setting. The track lugs are designed to easily navigate through ice and keep you moving, even in the toughest of conditions. This feature also provides improved traction, making it ideal for inclines and gravel driveways.

To make maneuvering effortless, the RapidTrak is equipped with Auto-Turn Steering Technology. This innovative system automatically detects the direction of your turns and adjusts power to the inside track, making turning a breeze.

Don't let heavy snowfall slow you down this winter. Invest in the Ariens Platinum RapidTrak 369cc 2-Stage Snow Blower for superior performance and reliability. Whether you're a homeowner or a professional snow removal service, this machine will make clearing snow a quick and easy task.

What You Should Know

The Ariens Platinum RapidTrak 369cc 2-Stage Snow Blower is a top-of-the-line machine designed to handle even the toughest winter weather conditions. Equipped with a Super High-Output Impeller (SHO), this snow blower has been carefully engineered to optimize impeller speed, resulting in increased output and throwing distance.

The Disc-O-Matic Drive System, paired with a Large Cast Iron Gear Case, allows for easy shifting between the six forward and two reverse speeds. Additionally, the adjustable housing height feature provides versatility for different surface types. With the convenience of a Quick Turn Chute Control and heated handgrips, this snow blower is perfect for clearing away wet or heavy snow on those frigid days.

Look no further for the perfect snow thrower, as the Ariens Platinum RapidTrak has everything you need to make clearing your driveway and sidewalks a breeze. So, this state-of-the-art machine will be the right choice that not only suits your needs but also gets your job done effortlessly.

About This Snowblower:

  • Super High-Output Impeller (SHO): Specifically designed and modified for optimizing impeller speed.
  • Disc-O-Matic Drive System & Large Cast Iron Gear Case: Enables easy shifting into any of the six forward or two reverse speeds.
  • Adjustable Housing Height: Allows adjusting the auger housing up/down to accommodate different surface types.
  • Quick Turn Chute Control: Helps rotate the chute up to 200 degrees using a single lever.
  • Heated Handgrips: Ensures warmth in sub-zero weather, ideal for large jobs during extremely cold days.

Husqvarna ST227 Snowblower

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Why We Like It

The Husqvarna ST227 Snowblower is a top-of-the-line machine designed for homeowners who need an efficient and reliable snow removal solution. This powerful snow blower features a 254cc Husqvarna engine, making it capable of effortlessly handling heavier snowfalls and clearing large driveways and paths with ease.

Equipped with a two-stage system, this snow blower offers increased throwing capacity and can handle both heavier and lighter snow conditions. The heavy-duty ribbon auger mixes air into the snow, making it easier for the impeller fan to churn through frozen or wet snow and throw it farther.

Designed for ease of use, the Husqvarna ST227 features power steering and a friction-disc transmission to ensure smooth operation. Its self-propelled models make it effortless to maneuver, even in heavy snowfall conditions. With the ability to clear paved surfaces and a gas-powered engine, this snow blower is a reliable and powerful choice for any winter storm.

Invest in the Husqvarna ST227 Snowblower and take control of your snow removal needs with confidence. So, this product is a must-have for any homeowner looking for a high-performing and durable snow blower.

What You Should Know

The Husqvarna ST227 Snow Blower is a reliable and powerful tool designed to make snow removal a breeze for homeowners. With its 252cc, 7.75-HP engine and heavy-duty ribbon auger, it can efficiently clear large driveways and paths with ease. The interlock handle allows for quick and easy operation, while the X-trac tires provide increased traction on slippery surfaces.

In addition, the LED headlight illuminates a larger area compared to traditional lights, making it perfect for early mornings or late evenings. The electric starting feature allows for effortless push-button engine startups, making this snow blower a convenient choice for hassle-free snow removal.

Additionally, with a wide range of compatible parts and accessories available, the Husqvarna ST227 Snow Blower can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences. Overall, it is a high-quality and dependable choice for tackling tough winter conditions. So, if you're looking for a reliable snow blower that delivers excellent performance, the Husqvarna ST227 is definitely worth considering.

About This Snowblower:

  • Engine Power and Performance: The Husqvarna ST227 features a 252cc, 7.75-HP engine, providing robust power for efficient snow removal.
  • Auger Design: The heavy-duty ribbon auger mixes air into snow to enhance the impeller fan's performance.
  • Advanced Traction: Equipped with X-trac tires, offering enhanced traction for safe and efficient operation on slippery surfaces.
  • Lighting: Features an LED light that illuminates 50% more area than traditional lights, ideal for clearing snow in low-light conditions.
  • Easy Start: Includes an electric starter for effortless push-button engine startups.
  • Accessories and Customization: Compatible with a wide range of accessories, allowing for customization to meet specific user needs.
  • Interlock Handle: Designed with an interlock handle for quick and user-friendly operation.

PowerSmart PS21 Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower, 21-Inch, 212cc 4-Stroke Engine

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Why We Like It

The PowerSmart PS21 Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower is an excellent solution for efficient snow clearing. Powered by a 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine, this snow blower has an impressive throw distance of 35 feet and a snow plowing capacity of 1680 lbs/min.

With a clearing width of 21 inches and an intake height of 12.5 inches, it can quickly and easily remove snow from 1 to 8 inches deep. Perfect for larger driveways and sidewalks, this single-stage snow blower is a reliable choice for any winter weather conditions. Don't let snowy days slow you down - trust in the PowerSmart PS21 to power through the toughest snowfalls with ease.

What You Should Know

The PowerSmart PS21 Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower is an impressive machine designed to provide unparalleled performance in snow clearing. With its 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine, this snow blower boasts incredible power and can throw snow up to 35ft. Its robust design allows it to plow through heavy snow quickly, with a capacity of 1680 lbs/min.

The 21-inch clearing width and 12.5-inch intake height make it efficient in removing snow from 1 to 8 inches deep. Equipped with a 4-paddle rubber auger, this machine can shred through thick layers of snow left by plow trucks, making the daunting task of snow removal much more manageable. Additionally, its 180-degree chute allows for precise snow throwing, ensuring that it lands exactly where desired.

The compact and foldable design of the PowerSmart PS21 makes it easy to store and saves valuable space in your garage. With a 2-year warranty, lifetime tech support, and a repair service center in the U.S., this product is backed by excellent customer satisfaction.

About This Snowblower:

  • Engine Power: Equipped with a 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine, it can throw snow up to 35ft.
  • Snow Clearing Ability: Offers a swift snow clearing ability with a clearing width of 21" and an intake height of 12.5", ideal for 1 in. to 8 in. of snow.
  • Heavy Snow Management: Features a 4-paddle rubber auger to handle heavy snow, shredding quickly through the piles left by snow plow trucks.
  • Directional Chute: Includes a 180-degree chute, allowing precise control of where the snow is thrown.
  • Compact Design: Designed with a compact and foldable structure for easy storage and space efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Covered by a 2-year warranty, offers free lifetime tech support, a repair service center in the U.S., and 24-hour online assistance.

Hykolity 24 Inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower

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Why We Like It

The Hykolity 24-inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower is a powerful and efficient snow-clearing machine that will make winter maintenance a breeze. Equipped with a gasoline-powered engine, this snow blower boasts a displacement of 209 cubic centimeters and a maximum throw distance of 40 feet.

Its heavy-duty steel auger effortlessly breaks up and pulls in snow, while the impeller throws it out through a high arc chute. With a 24-inch width and 20.5-inch depth clearing capability, this snow blower can handle even the heaviest of snowfalls.

The engine powering this snow blower is a 4-cycle model with a whopping 7 horsepower, delivering an impressive plowing capacity of 2,000-3,000 lbs per minute. With a rated speed of 3,600 rpm, you can trust that this snow blower will efficiently and effectively clear your driveway or sidewalk in no time.

What You Should Know

The Hykolity 24-inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower is a powerful and efficient machine designed to tackle even the toughest snow-clearing jobs. One of its standout features is the easy start function, which allows for effortless initiation with both electric start and recoil backup options.

In addition, the snow blower comes equipped with an LED headlight for night work, making it suitable for clearing snow on various surfaces such as a gravel driveway, blacktop, cement, and patios. The self-propelling drive with multiple speed options and sturdy flat-free tires ensures solid traction in the most extreme weather conditions.

Whether it's heavy or light snowfall, this machine can handle it all with ease. Perfect for use on both two-car driveways and larger areas, the Hykolity 24-inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower is a reliable and versatile choice for all your snow-clearing needs.

About This Snowblower:

  • Effortless Start: The snow blower offers easy initiation with both a 120-volt electric start and recoil backup.
  • Night Visibility: Equipped with an LED headlight to make nighttime operation possible.
  • Versatile: Suitable for clearing snow on various surfaces including gravel, blacktop, cement, and patios.
  • Self-Propelling: Features a self-propelling drive with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.
  • Extreme Weather Traction: Comes with 13" x 4.1" flat-free tires providing solid traction in extreme weather conditions.
  • Snowfall Versatility: Capable of handling both heavy and lighter snowfalls.
  • Driveway Compatibility: Ideal for use on two-car driveways and larger areas.

Gas Snow Blower

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Snow Blowers

What Is the Difference Between a Gas Snow Blower and an Electric Snow Blower?

A gas snow blower runs on gasoline, while an electric snow blower runs on electricity. Gas snow blowers tend to be more powerful and can handle larger areas and heavier amounts of snow.

However, they also require more maintenance and may emit fumes. Electric snow blowers are typically lighter and easier to maneuver, but they are limited by the length of their cord or battery life.

How Do I Start a Gas Snow Blower?

To start a gas snow blower, first, make sure it is filled with gasoline and that the oil level is sufficient. Then, locate the primer button and press it a few times to help fuel flow into the carburetor.

Next, adjust the choke if necessary and pull the starter cord firmly until the engine starts. Once it has started, let it run for a few minutes before using it.

Can I Use a Gas Snow Blower on Any Type of Surface?

Gas snow blowers are best suited for clearing snow on flat and even surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks. They may struggle with uneven or rough terrain, as well as steep inclines. It is important to read the manufacturer's recommendations and use caution when operating a gas snow blower on any surface.

How Often Do I Need to Service My Gas Snow Blower?

The frequency of servicing a gas snow blower may vary depending on usage and manufacturer recommendations. Generally, it is recommended to have it serviced at least once a year before the winter season begins. This includes changing the oil, checking spark plugs, and inspecting other parts for wear and tear.

Can I Use a Gas Snow Blower in Wet or Slushy Snow?

It is not recommended to use a gas snow blower in wet or slushy snow. This type of snow can clog the blades and impeller, causing damage to the machine. It is best to wait until the snow has stopped falling and has had time to dry out before using a gas snow blower.

If necessary, you can also use a shovel to remove excess wet snow before using the snow blower. Overall, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and never force your gas snow blower to work in conditions it is not designed for.

With proper maintenance and usage, a gas snow blower can be a valuable tool for keeping your property clear of snow during the winter months.

Does a Snow Joe Snow Blower Make a Gas-Powered Blower?

No, Snow Joe specializes in electric snow blowers and does not make gas-powered models. Their goal is to provide a more eco-friendly and quieter option for clearing snow compared to traditional gas-powered machines.

However, their line of electric snow blowers still offers powerful performance and efficiency for heavy-duty snow removal tasks and can move as much snow as a gas-powered unit. Additionally, electric models are also easier to maintain as they do not require gas or oil changes.

What Is the Difference Between Single-Stage Snow Blowers And Two-Stage Snow Blowers?

Single-stage models are designed to handle light to moderate snowfall and are best suited for flat surfaces. They use an auger to scoop up the snow and then discharge it through a chute. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for small driveways and sidewalks.

Two-stage snow blowers are designed to handle heavier snow and are best suited for larger areas. They use an auger to scoop up the snow and then discharge it through an impeller, which helps to throw the snow farther away. They are heavier and more powerful than single-stage snow blowers, making them ideal for larger driveways and sidewalks.

Do Electric Snow Blowers Work as Well as Gas-Powered Snow Blowers for Deeper Snow?

Electric snow blowers are generally better suited for lighter snowfalls, while gas-powered snow blowers are better for deeper snow. Electric snow blowers are typically more lightweight and easier to maneuver, but they don't have the power to move large amounts of snow. Gas-powered snow blowers, on the other hand, have more power and can handle deeper snow with ease.

Gas Snow Blower

Final Thoughts About Gas Snow Blower

In conclusion, gas snow blowers offer a powerful and efficient solution for removing snow from your driveway and walkways during the winter season. With their strong engines and wide clearing widths, they can handle large amounts of snow with ease.

However, as with any power tool, there are some drawbacks to using a gas snow blower. These include noise pollution, maintenance costs, and emissions. It is important to consider these factors before making a purchase.

Furthermore, it is essential to follow safety precautions when operating a gas snow blower. This includes reading the manufacturer's instructions carefully, wearing protective gear, and being aware of your surroundings while using the machine.

Overall, gas snow blowers are a reliable and effective choice for clearing snow in larger areas. They offer convenience and speed, making them a popular choice among homeowners. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if a gas snow blower is the right option for your snow removal needs.

Thank you for reading this blog post about gas snow blowers. We hope that it has provided valuable information for your decision-making process. Stay safe and warm during the winter season!

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