Motorcycle cup holders are designed to provide bikers a convenient way to carry their drinks while riding. They are usually mounted on the handlebars or other parts of the motorcycle, allowing riders to easily access their drinks while keeping their hands on the handlebars.

Motorcycle cup holders and materials such as metal or plastic can be found in various sizes and shapes. Some models even feature adjustable height and angle settings for added convenience. In addition to offering convenient access to drinks while riding, motorcycle cup holders can help keep cups securely in place when the bike moves.

This prevents spills and ensures that riders don’t have to stop and clean up messes caused by shifting cups constantly. Motorcycle cup holders are an invaluable addition to any biker’s accessory collection and can make riding much more enjoyable.

They are also a great way to show off your style, as various designs are available today. With so many options, riders will find one that matches their personality and adds a bit of flair to their motorcycle.

How FactsFanatics Chooses the motorcycle cup holder

At FactsFanatics, we understand the importance of having a reliable cup holder for your motorcycle. That’s why our team carefully selects the best-suited option for each bike. We consider factors such as size, weight, material composition, and installation ease when choosing a cup holder for any motorcycle.

Kemimoto Motorcycle Cup Holder

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Why We Like This Drink Holder

Kemimoto's Motorcycle Cup Holder is a great upgrade to traditional cup holders. It features an adjustable alligator clamp with two screws for a sturdier load-bearing capacity. It includes a cross-mounting hole design to avoid spinning or loosening when riding at high speeds.

The clamp fits handlebars/poles between 0.6"-1.5" in diameter and offers up to 24oz maximum load capacity. An adjustable top drawstring lets you tighten the drink firmly during bumpy rides. Furthermore, this product is made of durable 600D Oxford fabric rather than stainless steel or plastic for added longevity and comes with two separate mesh pockets as bonus storage space!

About This Item:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: 600D Oxford Fabric, Aluminum
  • Brand: Kemimoto
  • Product Dimensions: 3.94"L x 3.94"W x 5.12"H

Gargoyle Bells Motorcycle Cup Holder

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Why We Like This Drink Holder

Gargoyle Bells Motorcycle Cup Holder is the perfect solution for keeping your beverage safe and secures on your bike. The adjustable, stable cup holder is designed with high-quality materials such as mirror chrome-plated aluminum alloy, metal handles, and accessories to ensure durability.

It can fit 7/8” to 1 1/4" handlebars, making it compatible with all types of motorcycles, including Harley Davidsons. The removable black foam insulation layer helps keep your drink hot or cold while providing additional security. With easy installation, you can be sure that this cup holder will stay securely in place no matter how rough the road is.

About This Item:

  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Aluminum, Plastic
  • Product Dimensions: 4.8"L x 4.8"W x 4.8"H

Newruiheng Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Cup Holder

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Why We Like This Drink Holder

Introducing the Newruiheng Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Cup Holder – designed with long-lasting durability and practicality. Constructed of corrosion-resistant Aluminium alloy and high-strength steel, this cup holder provides an unbeatable combination of strength and lightweight performance.

It also features two detachable foam insulation layers to help keep your drinks hot or cold on even the bumpiest roads. The drain hole at the bottom ensures any spills are quickly drained away for a clean interior every time you hit the road.

Easy to install on Harley, ATV, UTV, motorcycle, and bike handlebars ranging from 7/8" (22mm) up to 1 1/4" (32m). Get ready for your next drive in style with Newruiheng’s Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Cup Holder!

About This Item:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum, Silicone
  • Brand: Newruiheng
  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.69 x 4.17 x 3.98 inches

BF Systems Diamond Plate Stainless Steel Motorcycle Cup Holder

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Why We Like This Drink Holder

The BF Systems Diamond Plate Stainless Steel Motorcycle Cup Holder is the perfect solution for staying hydrated on the open road. This cup holder securely attaches to handlebars and can fit a standard-size water bottle.

The foam insert ensures your beverage remains snug and secure throughout your ride, regardless of terrain or intensity. The stainless steel material provides superior durability, which resists rust, stains, and corrosion, making it ideal for year-round use.

It also features an adjustable clamp that fits 1-1.25 inch handlebars on most motorcycles, bikes, and scooters. Installation is easy as this set comes with a hex key wrench plus an extra screw included for effortless mounting onto your ride!

About This Item:

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand: BF Systems
  • Product Dimensions: 4"L x 4"W x 1"H

Gearv 2PACK Cup Holder for Bike

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Why We Like This Drink Holder

The Gearv 2PACK Cup Holder is a versatile and reliable solution for securely storing items while riding your bike. Its adjustable velcro straps are reinforced for ultimate sturdiness and can fit on anything with a 1.5" to 2.3" diameter roll bar.

Furthermore, this cup holder is designed for multi-function use – it's not just limited to cups! It can also store bottles, cell phones, wall chargers, and more to keep the contents organized.

The cup holder has an overall size of 7 inches high and 3.3 inches in diameter, which fits most standard-sized cups and bottles perfectly; plus, it comes with waterproof insulation layers to ensure that your beverages remain cold or hot during transit. Invest in the Gearv 2PACK Cup Holder today for all your bicycling needs!

About This Item:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Foam
  • Brand: GEARV
  • Product Dimensions: 3.3"L x 3.3"W x 7"H

Motorcycle Cup Holder FAQs:

1. What Are Motorcycle Cup Holders?

Motorcycle cup holders are specially designed holders that attach to the bike frame and are designed to hold cups, bottles, and other drinking containers securely. They are often made of durable materials such as aluminum or stainless steel and are designed to be weather-resistant and durable. 

Motorcycle cup holders are a great way to keep your hands free while riding and provide a convenient way to take a drink. Motorcycle drink holders are fastened to the bike's handlebars but can be used for different vehicles. They can hold anything from water bottles to soda cans.

2. Can You Put a Cup Holder on a Motorcycle?

Yes, you can put a cup holder on a motorcycle. Several types of cup holders are available for motorcycles, including ones that attach to the handlebars, ones that attach to the frame, and ones designed to fit into the saddlebags. 

It is important to ensure you choose the right type of cup holder for your bike, as some are designed for specific models. Additionally, it is important to ensure the cup holder is securely attached to the bike before riding.

3. What Are the Benefits of Having a Motorcycle Cup Holder?

A motorcycle cup holder is a great addition to any motorcycle as it provides a convenient way to store and transport drinks while riding. It also helps to keep your hands free while riding, which is especially important when navigating tight roads or traffic. 

Motorcycle cup holders also provide a secure and safe place to store your drinks, reducing the risk of spills or splashes while riding. Additionally, they can help keep your drinks cool, making them a great choice for hot days. 

By installing the best motorcycle drink holder yourself, you have saved vehicle shop installation prices. This is a great motorcycle or ATV vehicle tool to add to your ride!

4. Do They Make Phone Mounts That Affix to the Handlebars?

Yes, there are phone mounts available that can be affixed to your handlebars. These mounts are designed to securely hold your phone in place while you ride, allowing you to easily access your GPS or other apps while on the go. Many of these mounts also come with adjustable clamps to customize the fit to your bike.

5. Where Can You Have a Cup Holder Installed on Your Motorcycle?

You can install a cup holder on your motorcycle at most shops. Many motorcycle shops offer custom cup holder installation services, and you can also find a variety of cup holders designed specifically for motorcycle use online. 

It's important to ensure the cup holder you choose is the right size and shape for your motorcycle, so measure your bike before purchasing a cup holder. Find the saved vehicle garage of your choice to install the cup holder to your handlebar motorcycle mounts. 

Motorcycle or off-road vehicle garage, select choice installation could vary from shop to shop. When choosing your cup holder, use the vehicles filter function, click your saved vehicles button, and apply (rpm discount-eligible) coupon if available.

Final Thoughts about Motorcycle Cup Holder

Finding the right cup holder for your motorcycle can be challenging, but with the options we’ve provided, you’ll surely find the perfect fit for your bike. Whether you’re looking for a stylish or highly functional cup holder, you’ll find a great selection of products.

So don’t wait any longer and pick up the perfect cup holder for your motorcycle today! Not only will you be able to keep your beverage secure and close at hand, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the convenience and style of having a cup holder on your bike.

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