Turkey Hunting Gear is a specialized collection of items used for turkey hunting. This includes things like rifles, shotguns, and ammunition; camouflage clothing; calls and decoys; blinds and seats; game processing tools; scents and attractants; binoculars and optics; boots and other footwear; gloves, hats, and other headwear; and other accessories.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced turkey hunter, the right gear can help you succeed in the field. When selecting your turkey hunting gear, it is important to consider your budget, preferences, and the terrain and conditions you will be hunting. You should also ensure that all of your equipment meets applicable state and local regulations.

Turkey hunting is an exciting sport that requires great preparation and the right gear to make it successful. With the right equipment, you can ensure your success in the field and have more enjoyable hunts. Investing in quality turkey hunting gear helps you bag a gobbler and gives you peace of mind knowing you are properly prepared for a successful hunt!

Turkey Hunting Gear

How FactsFanatics Chooses Turkey Hunting Gear Products

With our thorough reviews, you'll be able to compare the different features of all the high-quality spring turkey gear available and make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Enjoy Hunting and knowing your conservation efforts are helping as well!

1. Knight & Hale Run-N-Gun 200-Turkey Vest Frame

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What You Should Know About This Product

The Knight & Hale Run-N-Gun 200-Turkey Vest Frame 10-Point Adjustment System is perfect for any body type, size, or age. It fits close in the midsection eliminating the bagginess and looseness of other vests.

So you won't get caught on limbs, making it the lightest turkey vest on the market at just over 1.5 pounds. The cinching seat system holds the removable six-layer cushion against your butt for hands-free sitting or cinches out of the way for trekking.

It carries everything without weighing you down. And with a custom fit for a man, woman, or child, it's perfect for any outdoor adventure. The RNG-200 offers 198 cubic inches of backpack space with water bladder compatibility, so you don't have to carry a water bottle.

What We Like About This Hunting Gear Item

The Knight & Hale RNG-200 turkey vests are unlike any other on the market. It is lightweight, weighing just over 1.5 pounds, and features a cinching system that keeps the removable six-layer cushioned seat in place.

The built-in 198 cubic-inch backpack is bladder compatible. There are four pouches with side zippers and five additional pockets to accommodate pot calls, box calls, strikers, diaphragms, phones, and virtually any other accessory a turkey hunter could need.

The vest also incorporates the MOLLE system for add-on pouches and other Knight & Hale accessories. The vest is available in Mossy Oak Obsession or Realtree Edge and includes a decoy sling and Turkey Harvest sling.

2. Strut Commander Spring Fever Kit Turkey Calls

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What You Should Know About This Product

Calling all turkey hunters! It's that time of year again when the woods come alive with the sound of gobbling turkeys. If you're feeling the call of the wild, ensure you're prepared with everything you need for a successful hunt.

This turkey hunting combo kit has everything you need to start, including two diaphragm calls, a pallbearer box call which is a good box call, and a scarecrow locator call. With this arsenal, you can lure in even the wariest turkeys. So don't wait any longer; get out there and start hunting!

What We Like About This Hunting Gear Item

The Strut Commander Pros are a team of professional turkey hunters who chase all species of turkeys across America. They use their knowledge of turkey behavior to create calls that trick the long beards into thinking a hen is nearby.

These calls are then made available to the public so everyone can use them to fill their tags and dinner plates successfully. The Strut Commander Pros take pride in making products that can be used by hunters of all levels of experience, from rookies to seasoned pros.

They are dedicated to helping people have successful hunts and enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving feast. Thanks to the Strut Commander Pros, anyone can become a master turkey hunter.

3. SCYLFEHDP Ghillie Suits, 3D Leafy Ghille Suit, Hooded Hunting Airsoft Camouflage Suits

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What You Should Know About This Product

For turkey hunters, having a good camouflage suit is essential. The SCYLFEHDP Ghillie Suit is a great choice, as it is made from a lightweight polyester that is breathable and comfortable to wear.

The 3D leafy design of the suit helps you blend into your surroundings, making it more difficult for turkeys to spot you. The hooded design also helps to keep you concealed, as it hides your face and hair from view.

In addition, the baggy design of the suit allows you to add multiple layers underneath, making it ideal for hunting in colder weather. Overall, the SCYLFEHDP Ghillie Suit is an excellent choice for turkey hunters who want a good camouflage suit to help them blend into their surroundings.

What We Like About This Hunting Gear Item

The 3D Leaf Suit is a great way to stay hidden while hunting or engaging in other activities where you must be camouflaged. The suit is easy to put on and take off, and it has an adjustable waist and drawstring trousers to fit both men and women.

The pant legs are also elastic so you can adjust them to your own size. The leaf suit is made of durable materials and comes in various colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you're looking to avoid being seen by prey or by other hunters, the 3D Leaf Suit is an essential piece of equipment.

4. AOFAR HX-700N Hunting Range Finder 700 Yards Waterproof Archery Rangefinder

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What You Should Know About This Product

AOFAR HX-700N Hunting Range Finder is an essential equipment for any hunter or archer. This powerful rangefinder can measure distances up to 700 yards with accuracy and precision.

Additionally, the AOFAR HX-700N is equipped with 6x magnification and a pin sensor technology that makes it easy to identify targets. The rangefinder also has two modes - Range and Speed - that make it versatile enough to use in any situation. Whether hunting in the woods or hitting the links, the AOFAR HX-700N Hunting Range Finder will help you take your game to the next level.

What We Like About This Hunting Gear Item

AOFAR H1 rangefinder is an excellent device for anyone who frequently enjoys outdoor activities such as golfing or hunting. It is lightweight and portable, measuring only 110x 75 x 45 mm and weighing 180g.

The H1 is also waterproof and dust resistant, meaning it can withstand being used in all weather conditions. In addition, the H1 comes with many useful accessories, including a carrying pouch, CR2 battery, portable rope, carabiner, cleaning cloth, and user manual. As a result, the H1 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use rangefinder.

5. RODANNY Hunting Blind, 270 Degree See-Through Ground Blind

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What You Should Know About This Product

The Rodanny Hunting Blind is an excellent choice for hunters who want a one-way view of their surroundings. The three one-way transparent mesh full-face panels provide an unobstructed view of 270 degrees, and the silent-slide design allows you to easily adjust the window openings without noise.

The blind is also tall enough to accommodate up to three hunters, and the floor print is large enough to give you plenty of room to move around. Whether you're looking for a blind to take along on your next hunting trip or want a better way to see your surroundings, the Rodanny Hunting Blind is a great option.

What We Like About This Hunting Gear Item

Shopping for a hunting blind can be daunting, with so many features and options to choose from. But if you're looking for an easy-to-use, functional blind that won't break the bank, the RODANNY Hunting Blind is a great option.

The blind pops up and folds down in just minutes, thanks to the "folding handle" design, and comes with a carrying bag for easy transport. It's also roomy enough to accommodate two people comfortably.

Plus, the four tie-down ropes and eight tie-down staples help to keep the blind securely in place, even in windy conditions. So whether you're planning a deer hunt or observing wildlife, the RODANNY Hunting Blind is a great choice.

6. HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Shaped Textpac Hand Muff – Insulated Warmer

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What You Should Know About This Product

Realtree designs shapable Textpac with 80 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation for extreme weather conditions. The 100% polyester design with punch-through cuffs helps hunters, shooters, and fishers stay concealed while enjoying the outdoors.

The Textpac is not only a great hand warmer but also allows you to carry small items safely while keeping your hands warm. This makes it the perfect accessory for outdoor lovers who enjoy hunting, shooting, and fishing in extreme winter weather conditions.

What We Like About This Hunting Gear Item

The Realtree HOT SHOT Men's Camo Shaped Textpac Hand Muff is a great gift idea for turkey hunters. The camo pattern helps to conceal the hunter in the turkey woods, while the drop-down screen flap with magnetic closure allows for easy use of electronic devices.

The Realtree edge camo also provides a realistic background for turkey hunting. The muff also features an exterior zippered pocket on the back, perfect for holding small items. The HOT SHOT Men's Camo Shaped Textpac Hand Muff is a great way to keep your hands warm and dry while hunting wild turkeys.

7. Summit Treestands Viper Steel Climbing Tree stand

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What You Should Know About This Product

The VIPER Steel is a top-of-the-line tree stand that offers all the benefits of an aluminum Viper climber. It has the exact QuickDraw Cable Retention System and a full perimeter frame. And it’s designed to be quiet, just like aluminum Vipers.

The steel frame holds up to 300 pounds and features a complete perimeter design for improved safety as a sit-down or stand-up treestand. The tough brown powder coat finish adds to rust protection and concealability. A thicker seat cushion has been added to reduce fatigue during long sessions on the stand.

The seat height is adjustable, and the attachment method is via cable. If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and safe tree stand, the VIPER Steel is a perfect choice.

What We Like About This Hunting Gear Item

The Viper is a modern take on a classic design. The original steel construction is powder-coated for rust protection and concealability, and the Quick Draw cable retention system keeps your gear securely in place.

The RapidClimb Stirrups make it easy to get in and out of the tree stand, and a 2-year limited warranty covers them. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just getting started, the Classic Viper is an excellent choice for any hunter looking for a durable, reliable tree stand.

Turkey Hunting Gear

Turkey Hunting Gear FAQs

1. Are Hunting Stands Made From Standard Tungsten Steel?

There's no doubt that tungsten steel is one of the strongest metals on the planet. With a hardness rating of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, it's been used in everything from jewelry to industrial cutting tools. 

But what about hunting stands? Are they made from standard tungsten steel? The answer may surprise you. While some companies use tungsten steel in their stands, the vast majority use a less expensive and less durable material. 

This is because tungsten steel is extremely difficult to work with and requires special equipment to cut and shape. As a result, it's simply not practical for most manufacturers. So, while tungsten steel may be the most robust metal, it's not necessarily the best choice for hunting stands.

2. Are Turkeys Color Blind?

The answer to this question is a bit of a mixed bag. While turkeys are not technically color blind, their ability to see color is somewhat limited. Their eyes contain only two types of cones, meaning they cannot see the full range of colors humans can see. 

However, they can see some colors, and studies have shown that they are especially attracted to blue and red. So, while turkeys may not have the same level of color vision as humans, they can still see some color.

3.What Is a Turkey’s Eyesight Capability to Recognize Movement?

A turkey's eyesight is fantastic! They can see in all directions and have very good night vision. Motion is what attracts a turkey's attention the most. A turkey can even see ultraviolet light, which helps them to see areas that are lighter or darker than others. This helps them to find food and avoid predators. The gobbler's wattle (a fleshy protuberance on the neck) also helps to attract mates by reflecting ultraviolet light. So not only can turkeys see very well, but they also use their vision to communicate with each other!

4. Do all turkey calls work for spring turkey hunting?

No, not all turkey calls work for spring turkey hunting. Different types of turkey calls are meant for other times of the year. For example, cluck and purr calls are designed for use during the breeding phase in springtime. Hens will be more receptive to these vocalizations during this period as they look for mates. However, some hunters may opt for more aggressive calls like yelps and cuts, which can challenge other gobblers and attract their attention. Knowing what calls will work best depending on the time of year is an important part of successful turkey hunting.

Turkey Hunting Gear

Our Final Thoughts

There are many different hunting products to choose from. Hopefully, we helped you make an informed decision when purchasing as customers and, as always, enjoyed compiling these well-informed reviews of these quality hunting products.

So, there you have it! Our top picks for the best hunting products on the market to hunt turkeys. All of these products are great options for your hunting needs!

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