Wood planers are powerful tools used in woodworking for smoothing and flattening rough lumber or wood surfaces. They have a cutting blade that removes thin layers of wood from the surface, resulting in a smooth and even finish.

There are two main types of wood planers: hand-held planers and stationary planers. Hand-held planers are handheld power tools that can be moved over the wood surface to remove material.

Stationary planers, also known as thickness planers, are larger machines that have a table for the wood to be placed on and feed rollers to pass it through the cutting blade.

How FactsFanatics Chooses the Wood Planer

Are you in search of the perfect wood planer for your woodworking projects? Look no further than FactsFanatics!

Our team of experienced reviewers has carefully evaluated and compared various wood planers to provide you with the top products on the market. Whether you're a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, our detailed article will guide you toward selecting the right wood planer.

DEWALT 15-Amp Benchtop Planer

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Why We Love It

Introducing the DEWALT 15-Amp Benchtop Planer, a powerful and efficient solution for all your woodworking needs. Equipped with a robust 15 amp, 20,000 rpm motor, this planer can handle larger and deeper cuts in even the toughest hardwoods.

Featuring a three-knife cutter head with a high speed of 10,000 rpm, this planer can provide an impressive 96 cuts per inch, resulting in a smooth and fine finish that surpasses any other portable planer on the market.

The disposable and reversible knives of the planer offer a 30% longer lifespan and make knife changes quick and effortless. Furthermore, its four-column carriage lock effectively reduces movement to minimize snipe, ensuring precise and accurate cuts every time.

With extra-long infeed and outfeed tables providing 33-1/2 inches of material support, a material removal gauge and an extra-large thickness scale for added convenience, this planer delivers exceptional results with great access at each pass.

About This Item:

  • Powerful Motor: The DEWALT 15-Amp Benchtop Planer comes with a robust 15-amp, 20,000 RPM motor, capable of handling larger and deeper cuts in hardwoods.
  • Three-Knife Cutter Head: This tool features a three-knife cutter head running at a speed of 10,000 RPM, providing an exceptional 96 cuts per inch.
  • Disposable and Reversible Knives: The planer employs disposable and reversible knives, which offer 30% more knife life and enable fast and easy knife changes.
  • Four-Column Carriage Lock: The planer's four-column carriage lock minimizes movement, drastically reducing snipe.
  • Extra-Long Infeed and Outfeed Tables: This tool provides 33-1/2 inches of material support with its extra-long infeed and outfeed tables.
  • Precise Cuts: Thanks to the material removal gauge and the extra-large thickness scale, accurate cuts are guaranteed with every pass.

WEN PL1252 15-Amp 12.5-Inch Two-Blade Benchtop Thickness Planer

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Why We Love It

The WEN PL1252 15-Amp 12.5-Inch Two-Blade Benchtop Thickness Planer is a powerful and versatile tool that will revolutionize your woodworking experience. Designed to repurpose rough and worn wood into a smooth, professional finish, this planer is equipped with a robust 15-amp motor that can deliver up to 20,000 cuts per minute at a feed rate of 26 feet per minute. With its impressive capabilities, it can effortlessly handle boards up to 12.5 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

But that's not all – the WEN Thickness Planer also boasts a handy depth adjustment knob that allows you to customize each pass, removing anywhere from 0 to 1/8 of an inch. This level of precision ensures that you achieve the perfect thickness for your project. Additionally, the 2-inch dust port and onboard workpiece return rollers further enhance its efficiency by effectively removing chips and sawdust from your workspace.

Equipped with height-adjustable infeed and outfeed tables, this planer minimizes snipe while providing crucial support to your workpiece during planning. With its compact size and lightweight design of 55.6 pounds, it can be easily maneuvered around your workshop using the built-in rubber-grip handles. For added convenience, the predrilled base holes allow you to mount the planer on any work surface or stand – such as the WEN MSA658T Rolling Planer Stand – of your choice.

About This Item:

  • Powerful Motor: The planer is driven by a robust 15-amp motor, capable of delivering up to 20,000 cuts per minute.
  • Board Compatibility: Capable of handling boards up to 12.5 inches wide and 6 inches thick with ease.
  • Depth Adjustment: The handy depth adjustment knob allows for customization, removing anywhere from 0 to 1/8 of an inch per pass.
  • Dust Management: A 2-inch dust port effectively removes chips and sawdust from the workpiece, ensuring a clean workspace.
  • Convenient Design: The package includes height-adjustable infeed and outfeed tables, onboard workpiece return rollers, and rubber-grip handles for easy maneuverability.
  • Mountable: Predrilled base holes allow for easy mounting on any work surface or stand, such as the WEN MSA658T Rolling Planer Stand.

CRAFTSMAN Planer, 15 Amp, For Benchtops

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Why We Love It

CRAFTSMAN Planer is a superior benchtop tool designed for both professional and DIY woodworking projects. This powerful 15 Amp planer is perfect for removing material from both hard and soft woods with ease. With its innovative Poly-V Cutterhead drive, this thickness planer delivers maximum stock removal, making it an essential addition to any workshop.

Equipped with a two-knife, quick-change, solid steel cutter head mounted on ball bearings, the CRAFTSMAN Planer ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance. Its high carbon steel, double-edged reversible knives provide superior cutting ability for extended use.

Keeping your workspace clean is made effortless with the included vacuum port for dust collection. This feature not only creates a cleaner work environment but also helps to prolong the life of your planer. Upgrade your woodworking game with the CRAFTSMAN Planer and experience high-quality results every time.

About This Item:

  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a robust 15 Amp motor that efficiently handles material removal from both hard and soft woods.
  • Maximum Stock Removal: Features a Poly-V Cutterhead drive for unrivaled stock removal to ensure precision in your projects.
  • Smooth Operation: Comes with a two-knife, quick-change, solid steel cutter head mounted on ball bearings for consistently smooth operation and extended life.
  • Durable Knives: Contains high carbon steel, double-edged, reversible knives for prolonged cutting life.
  • Workspace Cleanup: Includes a vacuum port for dust collection to maintain a clean and safe workspace.

Makita 2012NB 12" Portable Planer

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Why We Love It

The Makita 2012NB 12" Portable Planer is a highly efficient and reliable planning tool, designed for professional use on the job site. Its compact and lightweight build makes it incredibly easy to transport, making it the ideal choice for professionals who need a powerful planer on the go.

One of the standout features of this planer is its innovative blade change system, engineered for quick and effortless blade changes. This not only saves you valuable time on the job but also ensures a smooth and efficient workflow.

In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, the Makita 2012NB boasts a low noise level of just 83dB, providing exceptional operator comfort during use. The planer also features a sturdy 4-post design and diagonal cross supports, ensuring stability and precision in every cut.

For added support, the planer comes equipped with large table extensions to easily accommodate larger workpieces to complete other services. With its quiet operation, compact design, and convenient blade change system, the Makita 2012NB is truly a top-of-the-line portable planer for professional use.

About This Item:

  • Compact Design: Lightweight and portable, ideal for easy transport to various sites
  • Efficient Blade Change System: Engineered for fast and easy blade replacements, saving time and enhancing workflow
  • Low Noise Level: Operates at just 83dB, providing exceptional operator comfort
  • Stable Construction: Features a 4-post design and diagonal cross supports for increased stability and precision
  • Large Table Extensions: Accommodates bigger workpieces, offering enhanced support during operation

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Planers

What Is a Wood Planer?

A wood planer, also known as a thickness planer or surface planer, is a woodworking tool used to smooth and even out the surface of rough lumber. It consists of a flat grid platform on which the wood is placed, and rotating blades that shave off layers of wood to create a smooth, even surface. Wood planers are a great tool to have after using a Jointer to level both surfaces.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Wood Planer?

Using a wood planer has several benefits, including:

  • Creating a smooth and even surface for your woodworking projects
  • Ensuring all pieces of wood are the same thickness for uniformity in your project
  • Removing imperfections such as knots, dents, or scratches from the surface of the wood
  • Saving time and effort compared to sanding by hand

How Do I Choose the Right Wood Planer for My Needs?

When choosing a wood planer, consider the following factors:

  • The size and thickness of your woodworking projects: Make sure the planer can handle the size and thickness of your materials.
  • The power source: Planers can be electric, battery-powered, or manual. Choose one that fits your needs and preferences.
  • The number of blades: Planers with more blades typically result in a smoother finish, but may also be more expensive.

Do I Need To Wear Protective Gear When Using a Wood Planer?

Yes, it is recommended to wear safety gear such as goggles and ear protection when using a wood planer. Wood chips and debris can fly off the machine, and the noise level can be loud.

Can I Use a Wood Planer on Any Type of Wood?

Wood planers are best suited for softwoods such as pine or cedar, but they can also be used on hardwoods like oak or maple. However, some woods may be more difficult to plane, and you may need to make multiple passes or use a different type of blade for optimal results.

It is best to consult the manufacturer's guidelines or do some research before using a planer on a specific type of wood. Overall, it is usually safe to say that most types of wood can be planned with proper technique and adjustments.

Is a Wen Planer a Good Piece of Equipment?

The Wen planer is a popular choice among woodworkers for its affordability and effectiveness. While individual experiences may vary, many users have reported positive results with the Wen planer.

Final Thoughts About Wood Planer

After discussing the various aspects of wood planers, it is clear that this tool is essential for any woodworking project or business. With its ability to create smooth and precise surfaces, a wood planer saves time and effort while also elevating the overall quality of finished products.

There are many items and great brands at great prices so check out the particular item you may want and always check for discounts and grab that new wood planer at a great price!

Thank you for reading!

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